IMO & Group Health

QUAD FUNDING Partners is the solution marketers of insurance products need. When faced with the challenge of managing cash flow while growing their business, our funding solution is there to help. We make cash available fast, providing a not only easy, but also convenient way to leverage growth opportunities the moment they appear, not a second later.

Health Insurance marketing organizations can bring more value through the power of partnership

QUAD FUNDING Partners LLC will make sure you can bring more value to your field by providing you the necessary funding you need in order to set yourself apart.

Our funding solutions bring you immediate cash flow, which will give you the opportunity to invest or reinvest in your agents’ business, help them grow their client base, all while your agency grows progressively itself.


Our process is fast, transparent and very easy. We fund the IMO, while the IMO itself can further advance the funding to their agent. Afterwards, when the payment from the client is completed, the IMO returns the funding to QUAD FUNDING.


Obtaining funding through our program can not only help you cover expenses like lead generation, marketing, or expansion; it can also help you retain your current agent base and improve your recruiting efforts.

With our funding, you can offer them something unique: they will get help with immediate cash flow for reinvestment, and as a result, their client base grows. It’s a win-win for everybody: you, your agents and their clients.


QUAD FUNDING Partners LLC’s program doesn’t come between the agent and IMO. The ownership of renewals for their services remains completely theirs. We only bring the necessary cash flow to have your business flourish.

And the best advantage of this program is the process itself: it’s easy, it’s fast and helpful. There’s are no hidden fees or debt included, nor any collateral. We make it easy to get your funding as fast as possible because we don’t want to be the cause of your business’ growth stalling.

Getting Started

The documentation we require is simple and it begins with an assignment agreement to get you started.

The business advantage any marketing organization or brokerage firm needs is our funding options. We know how imperative it is for an IMO business’ growth the recruiting and retention of their personnel.

If you partner with us, you’ll not only release funds that your agents are dependable on, but also your company’s full business potential. All you have to do then is just sit back, relax and see your business grow.